Breathwork healing classes have become increasingly mainstream for those looking for a quick and permanent shift in their lives. Breathing as a spiritual practice is certainly not new and goes back thousands of years. Because of the pressures in today’s society however, it is making a popular resurgence.

Most meditation, yoga, and healing centers now offer regular Breathwork classes which are most often done laying on a mat with inspirational music, guided by a Breathwork facilitator.

There are numerous styles of breathing practices available and teachers all over the world are sharing their wisdom about the benefits of various forms of breathing.

Regardless of which style you are drawn to, one thing remains clear, adopting a regular Breathwork practice can and will change your life. If you’ve been curious about checking out a local Breathwork healing class, here are some of the benefits that you can expect.


  • Detox the body, helping bring in more alkalinity, offsetting acidity.
  • Release physical pain from the body
  • Assist in proper digestion
  • Feeding oxygen to the blood, muscles, organs, and brain
  • Assisting the removal of toxins from the blood cells
  • Become aware of and then releasing addictive patterns and behaviors
  • Increases physical energy and stamina
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve brain function including memory


  • Release stored up anger, anxiety, depression, and other heavy emotions
  • Gain clarity of thought
  • Releases Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
  • Releases Oxytocin, the “feel good hormone”
  • De-Stress and let go of recurring negative thoughts
  • Shift into a deeper level of love and forgiveness for yourself and others
  • Feel more centered, blissful, and happy
  • Let go of past hurts and painful childhood memories


  • Gain inner wisdom and connect deeply with your soul’s purpose
  • Receive psychic and intuitive messages and visions about your next steps
  • Gain clarity
  • Be more present and in love with this moment
  • Release and heal heaviness from family and ancestral ties
  • Get re-inspired and connect with your inner creativity and bliss
  • Become more joyful and childlike
  • Surrender to what is and allow more abundance, flow, and ease
  • Opening and balancing of the chakras

Most trained teachers will also explain some of the possible side effects that may occur during an extended breathing class. While most side effects are minor and temporary, it’s good to be aware of. Some of these may include:

  • Tetany which describes numbness and tingling in the hands, fingers and arms often becoming “claw-like.”
  • Yawning or dry mouth.
  • Light headedness
  • Mild restriction in certain parts of the body
  • Deep emotional release including sadness, grief, crying, laughing, anger, rage and more
  • Out of body sensations

Breathwork healing classes will change your life! Often one session can be so profound that permanent and positive shifts will take place in the days and weeks after your session.

Whether you’re relatively new to a spiritual practice or if you’ve been on the path for a very long time, Breathwork healing classes will amplify your experience and may be the very thing that you have been waiting for to assist you in releasing blocks, fears, and resistance so that you can get busy living your best life!

Jay Bradley is a Breathwork healer and teacher living in Los Angeles. He teaches weekly Breathwork classes in Hollywood CA. Jay is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better.

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