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“This was the first time I had attended  Jay Bradley’s transformational breath circle. This experience was incredible,  I was able to completely quiet my mind and receive total clarity into my mental blockages that were causing me stress”

                        Juliana Perel

I’m your client from now on! That was the BEST spiritual experience in my life. I tried quite a few things but your class hit the rock man! I am so glad I met you. You are an amazing person with amazing energy.

                    Dave – The Singer 

Jay is a wonderful facilitator with a warm, friendly, comforting vibe. I’m glad he prepared us for what we might experience because some of it is very unusual. Besides some intense physical sensations, I also experienced clarity of thought, expanded awareness and emotional release with lasting effects. What a trip!”

                         Eldrid Nicholas

Recently I heard Agape’s livestream where the guest practitioner said something that really resonated, “shallow breaths mean shallow living while deeper breaths equate to deeper living” and just as serendipity operates, Jay invited me to his  breathwork workshop. At the workshop Jay guided the group using a breathing technique that supports an inward journey allowing to reacquaint ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This workshop is seriously transformational! A person from the past whom I sought forgiveness cameup for me during the session. I was able to heal myself through this process.

You leave with a sense of calm and compassion for yourself and others. It’s truly something to experience. Breath, the simple yet complex activity that keeps us alive. Always running in the background as we go about our daily routines. Always there for us to tap into for positive transformation.

                        – Amy Foel

Jay changed my life when I didn’t know how to deal with my grief and sadness! Meeting him

was life changing. He is so heart centered, truly cares to help the people he meets and knows what

he is doing and will guide you in the right direction. I’ve introduced his Breathwork to everyone

that I know and they love his sessions. I need them weekly!

                              – Gina

“Thank you Jay for the unbelievable, transformative Breathwork class at Liberate Hollywood. That one session was life-changing! I released so much from my past and awakened my intentions for the future to the highest level possible to receive abundance, happiness, joy and tremendous peace. You have a gift that can truly change someone’s life  and I thank you for your incredible work. Your theme that day was money and abundance and after returning home, I received a substantial check that was months overdue from a client. Miracles do happen!



                          – Lindsay 

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