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What Is BreathWork?

BreathWork is a term used for various styles of breathing. Most BreathWork practice comes from ancient yoga traditions and is based on Pranayama which means “the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises.

Who Is BreathWork For?

BreathWork is for everyone, Ask yourself this question – Do you breathe correctly? The way we breathe day to day makes all the difference in the world. Becoming aware of your breathing and learning how to use it as a tool will radically improve your physical health, mental well-being and performance in anything that you do.


I Breathe All The Time Why is BreathWork Different?


Once only practiced by enlightened yogis and spiritual gurus, breathing techniques are now being embraced by Navy SEALs, elite athletes and Silicon Valley executives for their infinite benefits.

Reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, eliminate toxins, improve sleep, improve creativity, induce flow states, let go of past traumas, increase athletic performance and cardiovascular health – BreathWork has benefits for everyone.

About Jay Bradley

Jay has spent over 30 years in the world of health, wellness, and personal growth.

Challenged with chronic chest infections, allergies, asthma, and depression in childhood, along with low self esteem due to constant bullying, he began an early journey to figure out how he could feel better. What started with weight training at 13 years old grew to become a passion to not only improve his body and health, but his mind and spirit too.

His book LIVE LOOK FEEL, The 12 – Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger & Feel Better, taught readers how to find balance in all areas and to forge ahead through even the toughest of times. Over the past few years, Jay’s passion and purpose became even more clear. After attending a small BreathWork class where he had a life – changing and out of body experience, he knew that he had found something beyond important! Knowing that if he could literally release a lifetime of pain and grief in one session, what could this do for others?

He has since trained with some of the top Breathwork teachers and has gone on to share this incredible healing modality with thousands of people both privately and in groups.

Along with BreathWork, Jay incorporates his healing training as a certified Wellness Coach, Ho’oponopono Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Hypnotist.


“I’m your client from now on! That was the BEST spiritual experience of my life. I tried quite a few things but your class hit the rock man! I am so glad I met you. You are an amazing person with amazing energy.” – Dave

“This was the first time I had attended Jay Bradley’s breath circle. This experience was incredible, I was able to completely quiet my mind and receive total clarity into my mental blockages that were causing me stress” – Juliana 

Jay is a wonderful facilitator with a warm, friendly, comforting vibe. I’m glad he prepared us for what we might experience because some of it is very unusual. Besides some intense physical sensations, I also experienced clarity of thought, expanded awareness and emotional release with lasting effects. What a trip!” 

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