Breathwork Classes Los Angeles:

After I teach my weekly Breathwork classes Los Angeles, it never fails. Somebody always says “Well, that was unexpected!”

I remember feeling the very same way after my first Breathwork session years ago. What starts out as a wonderful, centering practice actually goes much deeper than expected and often takes people by surprise. If you’ve done a lot of personal and spiritual work already, most likely you’ll have a profound and life-changing experience in a single session because the work meets you where you’re at. The breathing has a mind and energy of its own, and like magic, it finds the areas where you need to release, let go, and heal.

I always describe Breathwork as spiritual Cross Fit. It is indeed a physical, emotional and spiritual workout like nothing else I’ve seen.

What is most amazing about this practice, is that it works for everybody. Even those that cannot meditate or sit still, and for those that don’t enjoy Yoga for example, Breathwork is the answer they’ve been waiting for.

I explain in the Breathwork classes, that most of us live from our shoulders up. Many of us aren’t connecting or engaging with our belly breath. I then guide people to relax into a three part breath, in and out of the mouth. The first inhale is in the belly, the second is in the chest. I have come to find out through experience, that this practice not only grounds us and connects us deeply with our body, but it also opens and balances the 7 main energy points within the body known as Chakras.

Breathwork is the ideal practice for those looking to transform their health. Deep breathing can work as a type detox, improving digestion, boosting immunity, suspending physical pain, clearing the mind, and releasing feel-good hormones such as Oxycontin..

It is especially sought after for those wanting to release a lifetime of stress, grief, anger, sadness, depression, anxiety, and addiction.

The breathing is done to a carefully selected soundtrack of emotional and world music which deepens your journey, helping to release that which no longer serves you. Numerous times clients and students have told me that they got more from one class than years of talk therapy.

Breathwork Classes Los Angeles

Many people that I meet at the Los Angeles Breathwork classes are tired, numb, or they are going through a major transition in their life. Some are just unclear about where they are going or why they’re here. I was in a similar boat before my introduction to this awesome practice. I too had dealt with depression since childhood along with an overall feeling of fatigue and lack of fulfillment.

I now know one thing for sure,that just under the surface, sits our true self; a person filled with love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, ease, gentleness, and joy to name a few. And from that place, we can create an amazing and fulfilling life where we are present to each moment and less attached to external validations in order to be happy.

We simply need to peel back the layers,or at times, crack open, so that we can get to the core. Breathwork IS the answer! It works quickly and effectively for anybody looking for a Body, Mind, and Spirit makeover.

Join me for a Breathwork classes Canada, Hollywood, and surrounding areas. It is my hope that you will discover what thousands of others are feeling too. Shallow breaths equal a shallow life and deep breaths equal a deep and rich life experience.

Jay Bradley is a Breathwork healer and teacher living in Los Angeles. To learn more about his Breathwork classes, private sessions, or how to become a Breathwork healer, visit:

He is the author of LIVE LOOK FEEL, the 12-Week Guide to Live Longer, Look Younger and Feel Better!

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